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Real IRONMAN at Bintan

Exactly, there will be Ironman at Lagoi Bintan Riau island Province…., but this is not the ironman as seen in the movie, but it is such a big event,  sport event. Triathlon.  Several athletes will compete to be the strongest like Ironman. Not just for adult, for children also will perform running session and they called it is IRONKIDS run.

Bike Finisher ( pic by:ironmanbintan.com)

This event will conduct for three days on 26, 27 and the main program is on 28 August 2016. Main  event start with swimming in about 1.9km at Bintan Beach, then cycling for 90km and running for 21km.

Not only competition, there will be an expo, talk show, meet professional athletes  and more  attractive programme will deliver.

We will get entertainment from great and nice sport event with international atmosphere.

Beside that we also can see this great event at the most interesting view of this location, such as nice white sandy beach, sea with blue colour where facing to the South China sea and green hill surrounding this area.

Swimming begin (pic by: ironmanbintan.com)

Metasport is organizer of this event, this organizer is estblished at Singapore and most experience organizer for triathlon sport like at Bintan tomorrow. Undoubtedly Metasport is a professional and expert organizer for this event.

This event are supported by our government especially from Indonesian Tourism department and several hotels and resorts nearby to promote Wonderful Indonesia program.

This event will be participated by thousands of triathlon athletes, mostly from abroad, so it will make us amazed. As we know Bintan often conduct the similar event like this, for the IRONMAN 70.3 had conducted several times here. Of course next event will follow by participants from previews event. Will they get best achievement? Let we see tomorrow.

We suggest you to come early because this event will start at 6 am in the morning, but if you are from outside you may choose the hotel which spread in this area, so no worry about the lateness.

Let’s come and see this event, get the entertainment to enjoy.

So don’t miss it !

Come and get signature( pic by: ironmanbintan.com)

How to get there:

1. From Jakarta direct flight to Tanjung Pinang take an hour and half
2. From Punggur Batam by boat to Sri Bintan Pura harbour at Tanjung Pinang.
3. From Singapore by boat to Lagoi just 50 minutes


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  1. bukan kakak ini pra acaranya, publikasi saja....reviewnya sebentar lagi

  2. bukan kakak ini pra acaranya, publikasi saja....reviewnya sebentar lagi

  3. bukan kakak ini pra acaranya, publikasi saja....reviewnya sebentar lagi


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