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Harris Hotel Batam Center, the best choice for your business and holiday

From Masjid Raya, I was fastened my step  through Engku Putri squared, I wanted to get to this place I want to go, I didn’t pay more attention to the crowded people were jogging and doing exercise around me at that time. High building mostly in orange colour  stood in front me was my destination that morning. That building was seen high and higher when I closed to it. After walking about 10 minutes, I finally   arrived there. Ya, Harris Hotel Batam center, most strategic and well known Hotel in Batam. I had arrived earlier than others because I didn’t want make bad reputation for my new Group, Riau Islands province Blogger than I called Blogger kepri  with my lateness. As we knew we were invited by Harris Hotel staff to attend Media and Blogger Gathering last week, on Sunday may 15th 2016.

Harris Hotel Batam Center, most strategic and well known Hotel in Batam

I introduced myself as a member of Blogger Kepri who got invitation this morning. I had greeted by one of Harris Hotel staff with his nice smile, he led me to the venue where the Gathering will be conducted, then I came in walk pass the Hotel Lobby. There were three girls and one boy were there, I thought they were from Media.

After met the Hotel representatives Hanna, Nana, Mrs Ripka and mr Hamdani I sat in Lobby waited for other friend’s arrival. 10 minutes later mr Bams, mr Assad and mrs Eka.D arrived followed by the others. We entered the Smiley room, then mrs Ripka Sembiring as Director of sales and marketing asked us to take a breakfast.

Took a breakfast before start the program. from left mrs Dian, miss Asrul, miss Sarah and mrs Cucum

I thought the breakfast menu that morning would be bread and simple ones only, but this Hotel served us with heavy meal such as rice, chicken fried vermicelli noodles, cap cay, fried egg in small slices complete with three type of sauces. For dessert, this hotel served various fruits and pudding, complete with beverage such as coffee, tea, milk and of course mineral water served on each our table in side. It was so delicious!

“Here the Breakfasts are special, how about lunch, I think may be it more special, hehe?” I guessed.
This gathering would deliver with relax and fun in both Harris, Harris Batam Center and Harris Resort Marina. It was true after presentation session who delivered by Harris Hotel staff and Government representatives that presented by mr Frengki on behalf to Batam tourism department ended. The Program continued with exercise or we could say it was funny dancing, led by Hanna and Nana as Marcom of this Hotel. We felt weak and sleepy but after dancing, we  became fresher, relax and more happier.

Mr.Frengki delivered his presentation on behalf of Batam Tourism department

The presentation session performed short and sweet because we’ve been waited with many program on that day, we might explore two Harris Hotel. Finally the program held made us excited, ya..!the time has it, led by mrs Ripka we left smiley room and explored several facilities in this Hotel such as, Business Centre, Harris café, Swimming pool, Meeting room, Ballroom and  some rooms on 7th floor.

It was not Zumba dancing, but mrs Ripka explained about Hotel facilities

In the First opportunity we reached one place where there were many gifts and souvenirs put inside there which are towels, t-shirts, bags, dolls, wallet and many artistic things inside, mostly in orange colour, Very interesting, Wecall this place Harris Boutique, for us if we stay in this Hotel and we will give some special present to our love or family just buy here,don’t need go to Dept Store outside, nice isn’t it?

After seven step left aside from Harris Boutique there was Business centre, which handled by couple staff of Harris Hotel, they will great you with their Hospitality and kindness, any related things about booking and reservations just approach them. If you are in vacation or business matters don’t worry about internet connections, this Hotel provide us with their free WI FI. So don’t worry about it.

Cakes arranged nicely and artistic

Behind of business centre there is Harris Café, when I arrived in this Hotel firstly I found this café was busy with many Guests taking their breakfast. The place located on the left side closed to lift area in the right side of this Hotel. Beside that if we are look at the back ward we can see a nice view behind there are a swimming pool and sea. Tables and chairs were arranged nicely. If we take breakfast here it so comfortable because the morning sunshine come direct to your side through the wall of this café which built by frame glass wall, it seems like we are at outdoor breakfast.   This café will serve with various food. There are two type of food will serve, western food and local or Nusantara food. Just choose which food we like to eat. This café consist of many stall or booth, such as fruits juice, ramen, cheese, egg, and traditional cake. Here I found something which made me curious, there were some pottery and traditional stove arranged nicely, what was inside? I tried to open haa…I found many traditional steamed cake inside, such as koci-koci, apem,pudak and some cake like bakpao but wrapped with leafs, I didn’t know  what, the name.

Traditional stove and pottery where tarditional cakes steamed in side

Cake stall arranged quite beautiful, from the cake also the utility such spoons, forks, cups, plates, bowls arranged in beautifuly and artisticaly, it made us interested to stay here longer. About the taste here, wow so undoubtedly, it was very delicious it was guarantee by the chef.

Several waitress informed me for favourite menu, western tourist usually like western menu in and they also like Nusantara menu, of course it is suitable with their tongue, they like Nusantara menu but not too spicy, for example they like fried egg but not over cooked, half cooked only,haha..it is like herbal medicine or Jamu I think haha…!

Ramen booth, here various ramen served

As Moslem don’t worry if you eat in this café,here all the food are Halal mean allow for Moslem to eat, because this café have got Halal certification from MUI(MajelisUlama Indonesia). Beside that this café use ingredients without MSG, so it is good for our body of course it is related with Harris Motto “Where your Healty lifestyle begins..”

Harris Batam centre also have pizza corner, they called Harrismo Pizza,so who like pizza just order here, better if we eat it together, with a nice view and situation. It will be excited I think.  About taste we can compare with famous pizza outside, the taste will not beaten. And the prices are reasonable. The Harrismo Pizza open every day start from 11.00 am till night.

Choose menu ? just open this book of menu

When we feel exhausted or tired, and to recovery our body fresher and healthy, this Hotel also provide place for spa and fitness, they called H-spa and H-fitness center. For Spa open every day, week day start from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm, for weekend( Saturday and Sunday) it start 9 am until 10 pm, there are various prices offer depend on the treatments.
There many  categories of treatments from 60 minutes to 120 minutes treatment the price around IDR 228.000 to IDR 888.000.

For fitness, Harris hotel have one corner and it is located at the lobby level, the name is H-fitness. Although the room is not wide enough, but it can make our body and mind fresher, just try. It opens everyday from 7 am until 10 pm, I suggest to you become a member of this fitness, because we will get more benefit, of course the discount.

Fee for Fitness?, just find above. It is stated clearly
When we stay in hotel, it is not perfect if we don’t try the Swimming pool, here in Harris Hotel the swimming pool located behind the Harris café and the view outside were very nice, we can see attractive view on the sea. Ya, Batam centre sea. Right left side this swimming pool there are many artistic chair, it is so comfortable when we relax here after swim.

Beside for staying in vacation, for business matter, Harris Batam centre also provide Meeting room. There are three meeting rooms and one ballroom. One of them is smiley room where we had followed the presentation in it. And all meeting rooms supported some equipment and services, like technical support, healthy breaks and fresh coffee, fun photo session for meeting participants, tasty fresh fruit juice, meeting toolkit, Harris energizers(on request), and Harris spirit, Very complete.

Satisfied after exploring the first floor, we continued with visiting 7th floor, we saw several rooms. The room In Harris hotel firstly consist of 171 rooms, because some decision, 2 rooms made to be suite rooms, means now have 169 rooms only,  the rate approximately around IDR 600.000, especial on week day if you book via phone or email you will get 15% discount from flexible rate until 31 July 2016.
What a good offer from Harris Hotel? Absolutely good.

Nice, romantic and comfortable Harris Hotel's room

It is reasonable with the facilities, suitable, clean, whole places and room are so fragrant and comfortable. One room complete with the bathroom inside. Don’t ask about room’s view, the room at the right row( front side) the view are facing to the heart of Batam centre, such as Engku Putri squared, masjid raya mosque, Clara Hill with Batam Icon “ Welcome to Batam” , and many more attractive view. Amazing.

City view from Harris Hotel

The rooms at left row(behind side) the view is facing to the sea, Batam Centre Sea of course. If you don’t like to see the crowed of the city, just choose this room.

One more place are special for women on 8th floor, Harris Hotel provide this floor special for women, this floor called “Woman Touch”. So it special for women only, men are not allowed to enter this place, even though you are marriage couple, no exception. It provides for women because many activities here need more privacy such as Spa, Yoga etc. will try? Firstly need to become women hahayy….!

All facilities here provided by Harris Hotel, other facilities will offer to you if you book and stay in this hotel. Beside facilities above this hotel also offering many new programs, they called as Social event.For example: Birthday package, Marriage anniversary, Wedding package, Ramadhan Package, Halal bi halal package, School Farwell package, Homey chef and junior Chef.

Junior chef are new program for this Hotel, in this program, our children will be train how to be chef or how to cook well. For parent, don’t worry about the safety,  because this program is under professional chef guidance. Besides cooking, children also get training about drawing and colouring, swim at swimming pool are allowed too. This program conducts for two hours from 4 pm till 6 pm every Saturday. Payment just IDR 100.000 only per each meeting. We will get certificate and two menu of cooking for this. Of course, the children must accompanied by the parents.

Swimming pool, facing to the sea of Batam Center

How about adult or marriage couple? Ya, this Hotel also run similar program like Junior chef, it is called homey Chef, for those who unable to cook, just register yourself, mr Iwan as the chef leader, guarantee in 2 hour you will be able to cook, Nusantara menu or Western menu. Heemmm…Interesting.

One month later, Ramadhan month will come, Harris Hotel offering us with their Ramadhan breakfasting package, the price is only IDR 138.000, net/pax. From first day until the end of Ramadhan, Harris Hotel will serve us with various menus. Nusantara menu and Middle East menu. Nusantara menu such as: Pindang daging, tumis kangkung bakso, lodeh pedas kacang panjang, Ayam goreng Parahayangan, pecel madiun, daging kare padang, and etc.

Nice wallpaper

For Middle east menu such as: Baba ganoush& Tahini, vegetable curry, Egyptian umm alli, biryani  vegetable kabseh, Morrocan sorba, Baklawa and etc.
Some additional menu will be served such as Bajigur, Bandrek, Ta’jil, salad and etc. most of them are so strange in my ears, how about on my tongue? Hopefully not strange but delicious.

Meanwhile we do breakfasting, we also will get more benefits from this for example: when we buy 10 we will get one free, there will live acoustic music, lucky draw every Sunday, free pocari sweat, there is Musholla and breakfasting include give some donation to others needed. 

One by one part of Harris Hotel batam Center explored already, we guessed just fulfilled a half only but it made us feel excited with this hotel, we hope can visit this Hotel onward.

That’s all about Harris Hotel Batam centre, a good and strategic Hotel for vacation or Business matter. I recommend you to stay in this hotel if you are in Batam.

Finally I would say thank you very much to ms Hana, ms Nana, mrs Ripka Sembiring, mr Hamdani and all Harris Batam centre staff, for your kindness and hospitality when accepted us. Hopefully Harris Hotel and Batam tourism will be more succesful on future.

                 Harris Hotel Batam Center.

                               “Where Your Healthy lifestyles begins…”

How to get this Hotel:

  • It is 30 minutes from Hang Nadim International airport by Taxi.
  • Just a minute away from Batam Center international Verry or Mega Mall.
  • It is 10 minutes from Kepri Mall by Bus or public transportation.
  • It is 15 minutes from Nagoya Shopping Area by taxi or Bus.

Harris Hotel BatamCenter

Jl Engku Putri, BatamCenter-Batam 29461 Indonesia
Telp +62 778 749 8888        fax +62 778 749 9999

…..Coming soon, Harris Resort waterfront Marina city.

Howgh !

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